Pay Small Pay Small Travel Group

To join group send a WhatsApp message to 09044615776 

Product Description

Thinking of traveling and having fun but don’t know how to do so without suffocating your budget?…we are here for you ✨🎉✈️

Greaterview Travel Solutions Pay Small Small Travel Group

The objective is to make our travel dreams come through without breaking banks or over burdening our finances.

The group travel will help us to build travel history and experience the world

We plan to always have a group package for every six month; twice a year , this allow us as an individual plan and contribute monthly

The group will always decide on the next destination for us to visit

The destinations we plan to visit are ;

South Africa
Sierra Leone
Addis Ababa
United kingdom
Schengen states
Many more…..

To join group send a WhatsApp message to 09044615776


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