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Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a process of traveling abroad to receive medical care and this involves a whole lot of processes which are cumbersome for many.

Greaterview Travel Solutions limited is in partnership with top hospitals all over the world with over 2000 expert Doctors and as such we are poised to help you through the processes.

Why you should employ our services to get your treatment abroad:

  • High quality medical treatment abroad with over 800 trusted hospitals, more than 2000 expertdoctors
  • With our assistance, you schedule an appointment at a trusted hospital abroad.
  • You will be able to compare treatment costs because we give you more than one option
  • We connect you with a higher quality care and shorter waiting time.
  • Affordable Treatment

How Does It Work?

Send us your request, we may request information on your medical documents to enable the doctor make assessment of your case

  • We help you find trusted hospitals and compare prices.
  • You will get personalized quotes from the hospital directly, suggest appointment dates, additional information, procedures and the doctor to handle the case
  • Book and plan your Treatment; some hospitals will require some deposits from you in order to secure the appointment. After which instructions on where and at what time you need to arrive for your treatment will be communicated to you
  • Plan your Travel; you need to make arrangement for your visa, tickets, accommodation (if necessary) and transportation.These services can be handled by us.

Our partner Hospitals offer the below treatment and many more:

  • Reproductive Medicine /General Surgery/Gynecology/Laboratory
  • Medicine/Neurology
  • Aesthetic Medicine /Ophthalmology/physical medicine &Rehabilitation
  • Dentistry/pulmonary & respiratory medicine/Spinal surgery
  • Orthopedics/urology
  • Cardiology
  • Cancer treatment
  • Dietetics
  • Endocology e.t.c

Please note that a Non- refundable romeo y julieta service charge fee is applicable .
For more information:send us an email – or call us on 08083282861